Mountain Future Conference

March 1-4, 2016, Kunming, China

Below is our full schedule for the conference. Click on any session in blue text to see more details about a particular session. You may also download our full conference programme booklet in PDF.

Monday 29 February Day 0
Logistic team Arrival of participants, and acclimatization



1 March

Day 1

Ziyun Hall

Welcome Remarks

  • Jianchu Xu, Regional Coordinator, East & Central Asia Regional Office, ICRAF
  • Yongping Yang, Deputy Director, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB/CAS)
  • Eklabya Sharma, Deputy Director, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
S0. High Level Roundtable: Envisioning Mountain Futures
1030-1100 Group Photo + Tea & coffee break

Ziyun Hall

Plenary 1 – Understanding of Change
1230-1400 Lunch break
1400-1530 Parallel Session 1: – Understanding of Change
S1a. Atlas of Mountain Futures – Seeds of Change – Socio-Ecological Systems in the Mountain Anthropocene


Venue: Ziyun Hall

S1b. Young Leadership in Developing Social and Ecological Indicators for Mountain Environmental Change


Venue: Zijing A

S1c. Assessment of sustainable mountain development


Venue: Zijing C

S1d. Polycentric governance for the commons in Central Asia


Venue: VIP 1

1530-1600 Tea & coffee break
1600-1730 Special session a: Market Place


Venue: Far side of Ziyun Hall

Special session b: Book launch and posters


Venue: Zijing A

Special session c: Seeds/Abstracts
Venue: VIP 1
Special session d: Photos and Arts for Change


Venue: Mu Dan

1800 Welcome dinner


2 March

Day 2

Ziyun Hall

Plenary 2: Good Governance
1030-1100 Tea & coffee break
1100-1230 Parallel Session 2: Good Governance
S2a. Integrative Conservation: partnerships for improved livelihoods and enhanced biodiversity


Venue: Zijing A

S2b. Transboundary water governance in Asian highlands (Stakeholder Dialogue)


Venue: Ziyun Hall

S2c. Governance of mountain forest landscapes: innovative models for sustainability


Venue: VIP 1

S2d. People and mushrooms in mountain landscapes: ecology, economy and anthropology


Venue: Zijing C

1230-1400 Lunch Break

Ziyun Hall

Plenary 3: Mainstreaming the marginalized
1530-1600 Tea & coffee break
1600-1730 Parallel Session 3: The Montane in transition
S3a. Engendering the Anthropocene: challenges in scaling up gendered seeds and practices


Venue: VIP 1

S3b. Sustaining Culture and Biological Diversity in a Rapidly Changing World


Venue: Zijing A

S3c. Integrated tree crop livestock systems


Venue: Zijing C

S3d. Biocultural heritage and mountain indigenous peoples’ resilience

Venue: Ziyun Hall

Thursday 3 March Day 3


Field trip: Rehabilitation of Haikou mining sites

Baicheng Movie Theatre

Film Festival and Panel discussion: Mountains Challenges and Future
Friday 4 March Day 4

World Expo Hall

Plenary Session 4: Dynamic Sustainability
1030-1100 Tea and Coffee break
1100-1230 Parallel Session 4: Policy and Practices in the Mountain Anthropocene
S4a. Science, Policy and Practice of Climate Change Adaptation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH)


Venue: Fontainebleau

S4b. Mountain Futures Initiative


Venue: World Expo Hall

S4c. Translating policy into action


Venue: Shangri-La

S4d. Mountain crops: Integrated approaches for livelihoods and landscapes


Venue: Georgeous View Hall


Glamour Hall

Lunch break

World Expo Hall

Plenary Session 5 – Mountains as pathways to the future
1530-1600 Tea & coffee break

World Expo Hall

Recap in Plenary and follow-up Action

World Expo Hall

Closing ceremony