Tuesday 2 March, 04:00 – 05:30 pm, Zijing A

Mountain environments and communities are uniquely positioned to offer innovative solutions that are urgently required in a human-dominated world. In this session, participants will present a selection of Seeds of Change that may serve as examples of best practice or possible paths towards a Good Anthropocene. These seeds, together with the ideas and experiences of all the session participants, will then form the basis for an interactive activity which will utilize game dynamics to encourage creative concepts of the future. Participants will be encouraged to work together in coalitions in order to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty, and in so doing use their pooled knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges posed by different scenarios of the future. This session will serve as a starting point for work that aims to nurture and exchange Seeds of Change under the Mountain Futures Initiative.

Chair: Laura Pereira

Session outline:

  • Introduction to session concepts and aims by session chair
  • Overviews of selected seeds
  • Presentation of future scenarios
  • Audience discussion: groups of participants address how best to overcome the challenges posed by their scenario
  • Report back from groups
  • Discussion of session outcome and take-home messages

Speed talk:

  • Laxmi Dutt Bhatta (ICIMOD): Ecosystem based Adaptation of Smallholder Farmers
  • Santosh Kumar (Tribhuvan University): Predicting the impact of climate change on the potential distribution of medicinal plants of Liliaceae in Nepal
  • Manuel Peralvo (CONDESAN): Andean Forest programme
  • Deep Prakash (The Thin Page): Disaster Nepal
  • Anthonia Sutter (ICIMOD): Listening to the experienced—learning for our future
  • Rebekka Sutter (Zurich University): Researching socio-technical skills of steep slope cultivators
  • Ronald Torres (Imaymana Foundation): Mancomunidad del Chocó Andino

Rapporteur: Andrew Stevenson